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week 1 question

week 1 question


Week 1 Discussion Question ( or Discussion topic) #1( a)  Due: July 2, 2023)

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Instructions:  Please answer the questions below in one page (answer each question  with one paragraph), include APA references, as needed.

Topic 1:

A. What is the role of the Community/Public Health Nurse?

B.  Nurses utilize the nursing process to take care of clients.  Describe  and explain how nurses conduct the nursing process in order to take care  of Community/Population Health clients (please review the Population  Health Nursing Model on page 15 in your textbook). 

C. In  reviewing chapters 1-5  in your  Rector & Stanley CHN textbook,  please go to the (health.gov) website and explain in one paragraph or  more, what Healthy People 2030 is all about, then select one goal that you would like to see accomplished by 2030, and explain why.