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 Welcome to Distinguished Writers

At Distinguished Writers we envision a society where every learner attains academic excellence. As such, we journey with the students as they strive to improve their grades. Ours is a duty to aid the students comprehend classwork, homework, and translate the same in their exams. Moreover, we have diversified services that include thesis presentation, tutoring, project management, and coursework.

Our Proficiencies

Medicine and Dentistry

Medical doctors need to study and research regularly to solve health issues that affect the global population. As such our platform allows students to seek assistance from different countries across the globe via our experienced staff.


Business is essential in globalization. As such, students worldwide continue to share different approaches that help industries grow, and our platform allows learners to interact with the various mechanisms utilized globally to enhance business approaches.

Computer Science

Our team of experts also include technical subjects including Engineering and Computer Science. The team is well-acquitted to the demands of these fields and seek to deliver the best outcomes desired by the clients.



Geography students yearn to understand the globe including the physical and social aspects of it. Our platform exposes learners to the different physical and social features worldwide; hence, aids them comprehend global matters like climate change. We have qualified experts dealing with various subjects within geography


June Jewels

June Jewels

Student | Nursing

You guys are just AMAZING! My experience has been awesome since day one and I don’t regret using your services. THANK YOU!



Student | IT

Sharing knowledge with other IT Specialist across the globe is an awesome experience that has been enabled by you. I’m more than grateful for you continued support.

Vanessa Davids

Vanessa Davids

Student | Management

I highly appreciate your professionalism. As a student of management, I’ve learnt a lot using this platform and will be ready to face the professional world once I complete my studies.

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