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unit 2 ip crjs390

unit 2 ip crjs390


You are the Commander of the Patrol Division of a medium-sized metropolitan city. You have 33 patrols out on the 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. shift. It is by far the busiest shift for drunk driving, burglaries, domestic calls, and ATM robberies. The esprit de corps is very high. Lately, you have notice that one of the busiest sector units is dropping off in productivity. You ask around and find out that the partners in that car are a veteran officer, a married man, and a single young female rookie.

The rumor among the rest of the unit is that they are more than just professional partners. Last week, the chief called you into his office and asked about the drop in activity for the club sector of the city, where the patrol unit of concern is working. He got you to admit that there may be an unconfirmed problem. The chief told you that he wanted to know the complete situation and that you were to formulate a plan for dealing with the male/female patrol situation and then to come up with ideas to keep this pattern from emerging again in the future. The department currently has no policies about off-duty relationships of partners.

In a report to the chief of police, you will cite the findings of your investigation of the patrol partners concerned. You will provide at least 2 remedies for the situation so that it is discontinued. You will consider the lack of a fraternization policy in the department and suggest the minimum requirements of items that should be in a new policy for the department. You will include and indicate the types of discipline that should be applied to persons violating the new policy in the future.

Assignment Guidelines

  • Address the following in 2 pages:
    • How can the behavior on the part of the opposite-gender police partners affect the culture of the patrol unit? Explain.
    • What dangers could arise in an intimate relationship between partners as it pertains to the daily operations of patrol? Explain.
      • How can these dangers act as triggers of stress? Be specific.
    • Articulate at least 3 appropriate policy measures that should be in effect to help alleviate this type of situation.
      • Fully justify your policy measures with regard to the survival of a traumatic event.
    • What possible potential stressors could become present if the affair of the two officers reached the public? Explain.
  • Remember to use research to fully support your arguments.
  • Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.