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Strategic planning for Marketing

Strategic planning for Marketing

This will need to be broken down into seven different assignments that will produce one overall assignment 

1.  creating a hypothesis for the research paper. Draft an annotated bibliography for the research paper. The annotated bibliography should  have a minimum of 10 peer-reviewed sources 

2.   Annotated bibliography and introduction to your research paper. 

3. the body of the research paper.  

4. The body of the paper should discuss the hypothesis. The  introduction sets the scope of the paper—that which will be discussed in the  paper

5.  Continue working on the research paper. 

6. The body of the research paper should provide information and verify or reject your hypothesis. The conclusion should summarize the  main points of the research paper 

7.  The final research paper should be a minimum of ten-pages-exclusive of the title page, abstract, and reference page(s).