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  • You can access SPSS using Citrix through CSBSLinks to an external site. or use the online stats resources for this paper. Note: the guide above is slightly outdated but has good examples and information regarding Citrix. You should now use Statistics v29 (v27, 28 also works), and you can download the data file directly by clicking the link below once it is available. Below, I have included a recording from a previous instructor which includes step by step instructions on how to use SPSS. You will need to complete the following tasks for your Paper 1:
    • Download this SPSS file  Download SPSS file(This is a modified data file based on the class’s responses to the survey you all completed in the previous module)
    • Run the appropriate descriptive statistics for your two variables
    • To test your hypothesis, you will either run a t-test (if one of your variables is categorical and one is continuous), a correlation (if both variables are continuous), or a Chi-Square (if both variables are categorical, this is rare). Below are useful guides with detailed instructions on how to run each test in SPSS. Locate the appropriate guide and follow the instructions. *Note: If you are using GPA treat this as a continuous variable, on a scale from 1-5 with 5 being highest GPA.
    • Interpretation and Write Up of results: you will eventually need to make an APA style table of your descriptive statistics for your two variables of interest. You will also need to determine if your hypothesis test indicates a significant association between your two variables. This week you will only need to turn in your statistics output, please indicate if you have any questions about interpretation at that time.

Here is a video that gives a brief overview of how to use SPSS: 

As an amendment to this video; in order to save your output:

  • Navigate to your output window
  • Select: File > Save As > Look-in> Local Disk H> Desktop
  • If you do not follow the above steps you will not be able to locate your output file once you have saved it.
  • If you do not have ‘Local Disk H’ as an option for saving your output, or if you’ve tried these directions and you are unable to save your output, you are welcome to take a picture or screenshot of your output and turn that in, or you are welcome to copy and paste your output into a word document and turn that document in instead. We will be flexible with what output submission files are acceptable.

Here are instructions on how to run specific statistical tests in SPSS: 


As you have run the statistical test appropriate for your hypothesis, please upload a document containing the output for your statistics. 

Acceptable formats: 

  • SPSS output file (.spv) 
  • Screenshot(s) of your output 
  • An image(s) of the output taken from your phone
  • Output pasted into a word document or PDF

Note: This submission is graded on a submitted/not submitted basis. This is a way to let us check to make sure you have run the correct stats before you actually are graded on your stats in the draft submission of your results/discussion/abstract section. We will let you know if you need to run any different statistics, so no news is good news. 🙂