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Social Science – Sociology Module 5 Assignment (J)

Social Science – Sociology Module 5 Assignment (J)


I need this completed on 06/10/23 by 2pm. 

Please no plagiarism and make sure you are able to access all resources on your own before you bid. You need to have scholarly support for any claim of fact or recommendation regarding treatment. Grammar, Writing, and APA Format: I expect you to write professionally, which means APA format, complete sentences, proper paragraphs, and well-organized and well-documented presentation of ideas. Local Area is Mexia, TX.

Module 05 Content

Purpose of Assignment: 

Creating a Family Resource Guide will demonstrate awareness of resources available to support families and their children’s development, providing a reference for the educator’s practice. The early childhood educator will compile and maintain a professional portfolio that consists of tools for reference and application to work in the early childhood setting, including this Family Resource Guide.

Course Competency:

Explain the function of the family in relation to overall child development.



Create a Family Resource Guide (to be labeled RC IV) to show capacity in supporting families. At a minimum, you must include the following required items, with the accompanying labels:

  • RC IV-1: The name and contact information (phone number, address, and web site) of a local agency that provides family counseling.
  • RC IV-2: The name and contact information (phone number, address, and web site) of a translation service for families whose home language is other than English as well as a service that provides American Sign Language translation.
  • RC IV-3: The names, contact information, and brief descriptions of at least two agencies in the community that provide resources and services for children with disabilities (in most communities, the local school district provides these services). Ensure that you have included brief descriptions of these resources.
  • RC IV-4: A list of three or more websites total, and brief descriptions of each, that provide current information to help families understand how young children develop and learn. Include the name of the website, the main web address, and the description of what information or resources       this website offers. In addition, include the web link for one current article within each website. Note below the specific requirements, as you will choose ONE of these areas that pertains to your own work plans:

If you are working as or plan to work as a Center-Based Infant/Toddler Educator:

  • Websites must contain articles that help families understand how infants and toddlers (birth to age 3) develop and learn. At least one article must relate to early brain development.


Be sure the format and organization of your assignment are clear and includes the following information:

  • The title “Resource Collection RC-IV: Family Resource Guide”
  • Your name

If you are applying for the CDA Credential: After you receive feedback from your instructor and make the necessary changes from that feedback, place this Resource Collection/Portfolio Assignment in your CDA Professional Portfolio. You can find instructions to set up your portfolio in the CDA Credential Guide at Https://guides.rasmussen.edu/education/cdacredential