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Present best strategies for dealing with distractions. You will be expected to deliver a polished, concise overview of the topic. You are welcome to use information from this week’s readings or other outside resources as appropriate. 

In this activity, you will work within a virtual group setting to create a presentation on ways to deal with distractions. Please review the Unit 6 Learning Resources and read the following items:

  • The Value of Teamwork
  • Creating Team Success
  • Concentration and Distraction

Research the best strategies for dealing with distractions and select five of the best to present.

  • These can relate to the types of distractions you’ll read about this week, but make sure to focus on the solutions rather than the problems (i.e. the types of distractions).
  • Be sure to include at least one source that you found through the UMGC Library site.

Have fun and be creative as you present your findings.