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I will be choosing Option B

We all know how vaccines are prominent in today’s history. We have been hearing about vaccines as long as we were alive especially moms with young children and babies. Vaccines are essential but we also have vaccine hesitancy and how prevalent it is. I work in the health care field so I would encounter this a lot.  I would generally give parents information on vaccines before their children upcoming appointments and sit and talk with them and answer any questions that they might have. I always let my patients know that the doctor is available for any questions- Would always give handouts to the parents like to the state health official website and vaccination schedule and adverse reactions that may occur. Make sure there is open communication on each end to at least decrease the stigma on vaccination.

Herd immunity this normally occurs when a high percentage or community becomes immune to diseases. With herd immunity the spread of disease from one person to another will be very unlikely once immunity is achieved. One of the major disadvantage with herd immunity is that most people lives in the same vicinity, goes to the same school, neighborhood if all shares disadvantage of vaccination- It will most likely no once will vaccinate and therefore a lot of unvaccinated people are too close to each other .


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