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Reading Reflection 2

Reading Reflection 2

Several of the learning objectives in Part 2: Ingredients address the mobility of ingredients through a rather complex (or at times very simple) web of production, exchange, and consumption. For this discussion board, I want you to grasp this concept of mobility by examining the origin of a single ingredient.  To do this, you will go to a place where you can purchase an ingredient (an apple for example), buy it, take a picture of it, and then start doing some research into where THAT SPECIFIC thing came from. So, if I go to a farmer’s market and buy an apple, I take a picture of it and ask the vendor where the apple came from, who did he/she buy it from/where was it sourced, which farm grew it, where this farm is, how it got here. If I go to a grocery store, these questions might be answered by contacting the produce manager of the store, visiting the website of the brand, or calling customer service for that brand. This can be challenging detective work.

If you hit a dead end and can’t find out. That’s ok. Start over with a different ingredient. But, I won’t accept “I couldn’t find out” as a post to this board.

Once you have your image and information, please prepare a post for the discussion board.  You must answer the following question: “Identify the mobility of ingredients and the locality of their purchase.”  In other words, discuss how the ingredient you selected has traveled from its origin to you (as the consumer) at the locality of its purchase (the store you bought it at)”

Should be 100 words