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Question Art

Question Art

Must include the picture in 250 words answer the following:

Your assignment for our last  discussion is to find a piece of “non-fine” art (ie. art not typically  preferred by the art market or academia), and then examine and discuss  that piece the way you would a fine art piece. Make an argument for the  work’s impact and relevance and, most importantly, why it should be  considered art. 

This  assignment is a chance for you to challenge the art market and the fine  art world as a whole! Everyone has an example of seeing art that is not  appreciated enough; now you have the opportunity to highlight art  otherwise not discussed in this kind of environment. You may choose  WHATEVER TYPE OF WORK YOU WANT! The ONLY restriction is that, if it is a  work that is “NSFW,” that you STATE THAT and provide a safe link for  others to get an idea of the work (so, for example, if you are using,  say, a work that is pornographic in nature, don’t post it –choose a  tasteful screenshot as an example, or link to a synopsis that is  appropriate. Basically, just don’t post pornography 

  • Choose a work of art that would not normally be considered “fine art”;
  • Post said work or a link to it (unless it is inappropriate for the forum — use your best judgment);
  • Describe the work briefly and explain why you chose it;
  • Argue/explain the work’s relevance and value, as well as why it is art or is useful to examine as art.