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 Review the following information about our invited alumni guest speakers.  The speakers will not spend much time during this meeting discussing who they are or what they do. Instead, you are expected to familiarize yourself with their paths and current jobs before the meeting occurs so that time can be dedicated to answering your submitted questions and engaging in meaningful dialogue during the meeting itself. 


  • ONCE YOU’VE REVIEWED the information below, Please make sure that you ask a question that is specific and relevant to each guest speakers’ professional/academic journey and/or current work.  General or non-specific questions may not receive credit and may need to be re-submitted.  You must submit at least one question per guest speaker.

Guest Speakers:

Robert Lara (Graduated in 2021)

Zoe King (Graduated in 2021)

 To aid in creating an engaging and informative discussion, you will write at least ONE question you would like to ask each of our guest speakers.  Before you write the question, please review any materials provided by the invited guest speakers (i.e., website of workplace, LinkedIn profile, resume, etc.) so that the question can be thoughtful and relevant.  The questions you write must be specific in some way to each of the panelists