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2.  Consider a time when you experienced one of the types of power in this unit’s lesson. Describe the situation and roles. Explain how ethics, morality, and values were involved as an influencing contributor to behaviors. Finally, explain how the situation may have had different results if a different type of power was wielded. When responding to your classmates, choose a different type of power and explain how the same situation may have had different results as a result of your choice. 

3.  Consider a time when you joined and acclimated to a new or established group. Discuss whether the group was homogenous or heterogeneous, and explain why. In what stage of the Tuckman Group Development model was the group when you joined, and what details led you to think it was at that stage? Using Hofstede’s cultural dimensions, discuss the group’s culture. When responding to classmates, indicate whether you agree or disagree with your classmates’ opinion regarding the Tuckman model, and explain why. 

4.  There are benefits and limitations of working in diverse teams. Discuss your experience with one of the high-performing team characteristics explained in this unit. Explain the role of a leader’s ethics in relation to your experience on a team and how the leader influenced the team’s behaviors and motivations. What would you have done differently? 

keep # only DB 100 words per questions