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Information Systems Assignment

Information Systems Assignment


Congratulations on the work you have done with your Course Project. You will now prepare a status report for the project sponsor. Assume you have completed the project and the project deliverable has been completed.

You will incorporate the project assignments from previous weeks into a comprehensive project status report. In addition to the sections you have already completed, you will add a lessons learned section to describe the strengths and areas of improvement within your project. You will also expand on the discussion of sociocultural factors, and you will describe your leadership style related to the project.

Section A: Summary

  • Part 1: Overview: Describe the project, including the project deliverables, overall time frame and estimated budget.
  • Part 2: Business Strategy Alignment: Provide a discussion of the needs of the organization and show how the project is aligned to the business strategic objectives. (Use your business case to help you.)
  • Part 3: Project Charter: Include your project charter with all the relevant information, such as project purpose, objectives, milestones, budget, user acceptance, assumptions, constraints, and key stakeholders.

Section B: Scope, WBS, Schedule, and Budget

  • Part 1: Project Scope: Provide the project scope statement with the statement of work, deliverables, constraints, limitations, assumptions, exclusions, and technical requirements.
  • Part 2: WBS and Schedule: Include the WBS and schedule in Microsoft Project with dates and resources. You may have to take a screenshot of the file or convert the project file to one you can insert in the project status report.
  • Part 3: Project Budget: Include the summarized project budget you completed for the Week 5 Project Budget Development and Earned Value Management Feasibility assignment and an explanation for why the summarized budget will require more review to ensure it is up to date at all times.

Section C: Communications

  • Part 1: Communications: Include the communications management plan with the five required elements of what, when, delivery format or location, the sender, and the audience.

Section D: Leadership, Sociocultural Factors, and Lessons Learned

  • Part 1: Leadership and Management: Research and describe a leadership style you would use in your project. Include how you motivate team members to deliver a competitive advantage with the completed project. Make sure you take into account the organizational structure and RAM/RACI efforts you conducted in Week 7. Cite at least two scholarly articles.
  • Part 2: Sociocultural Factors: Provide more details related to sociocultural factors in your project. Describe the benefits and challenges working with those from different backgrounds (educational level, language, nationality, religion, ethnicity, culture, ethics, etc.).
  • Part 3: Lessons Learned: Describe the lessons learned in the project to include strengths and areas to improve. Explain what you would do differently in the next project and what you would continue to do.

Please review the rubric for this report to ensure all requirements are accomplished with your report. This report will be submitted by the end of Week 8.