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gen 101

gen 101

                                                  Finding a Support Network

Use this section to describe one way that a support network, such as an instructor, accountability

partner, or a student resource (like one found in the Student Support Center) could help the

individual in the scenario you described. What resources would you recommend to the


                                            Support Networks and Academic Success

In this paragraph, describe why having a support network is important for your academic

success. What help can a support network provide you as you find time to study, read, and write?

                                                       Plan for Stressful Situations

Why would having a plan be important when facing stressful situations? What might happen ifthere was no plan? Would it have helped to have a plan in place during the stressful situation youdescribed?

                                      Using your Social Support Network at UAGC

In your final paragraph, explain how you could use your social support network during times ofstress or challenge as you progress through your courses at UAGC. What social supportnetworks are you a part of?