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Final Project Proposal:

Final Project Proposal:


Final Project Proposal: a brief description of project, a preliminary outline, and 2 to 3 resources. 


Each student develops a PowerPoint presentation on a subject matter that interests him or her, and that is due at the end of the term. Your presentation might be on an issue like the PRO Act, right-to-work, the Janus Supreme Court decision, just cause, the FMLA, organizing, the impact of autonomous vehicles on the trucking industry, or the labor and employment relations system of another country. Also, think of the project as an opportunity to develop a resource for your union or your workplace. That could be a presentation on Weingarten Rights, Just Cause, the Duty of Fair Representation, or A Welcome to the Union presentation. Note that one or more of the articles in Supplementary Readings may be useful.

The final project is worth 100 points, or 10% of the final grade. Of the 100 points, 25 points are associated with a Final Project Proposal description. Your proposal should include a brief description of the project, a preliminary outline, and 2 to 3 of the articles you will be using. Note that these are in additon to a union website, Wikipedia or another encyclopedia. The other 75 points will be awarded upon the presentation of the PowerPoint during the final week of the course. Your presentation should include an introductory slide with the title and your name on it, an outline of your presentation, 10 to 12 informational slides, and the last slide should include your references and further resources. It should be in your own words. You will be able to see and comment on your colleagues presentations.

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