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Education, Housing, Employment, Crime

Education, Housing, Employment, Crime


The Geography of Race

 The goal of this assignment is to assess the impact of race in your chosen state. You are to pick a state and conduct research on the following dimensions of social life: education, housing, employment, crime, voting, and health.  Your paper should include historical background of the state, population demographics, and data on the above mentioned dimensions.

Students will then focus on a particular neighborhood within the state and conduct a neighborhood tour to visually assess how race operates in neighborhoods. Data on education, housing, employment, crime, voting and health should also be presented for this neighborhood. What do your observations reveal that are not apparent in the data you reviewed?  Do your observations support what you have researched about race in the neighborhood? Discuss your observations of schools, housing, and crime. In addition, take note of places where community members gather, such as parks and churches.  Is public transportation available? Also take note of grocery stores.  Are there grocery stores/foodmarkets available to folks who must rely on public transportation?

Based on your research and observations, analyze the impact of race on the lives of people in your state/neighborhood.   What conclusions can be drawn?

Your paper is to be a minimum of 12 pages and must include a minimum of 10 sources.

Neighborhood Tour

In addition to your paper, you will do a 8-10 minute presentation about your experience with the neighborhood tour. It is not a reading of your paper, but a talk about your experience and reflections about the assignment. You will upload a video of your presentation as well as a PowerPoint. Both you and the PP must be visible in the video.