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Discussion Question APA Format Plagiarism Free

Discussion Question APA Format Plagiarism Free

For the assignment for module, you will take an online personality test based on the Big 5 trait theory and reflect on the experience.  


Please select the test: My Personality 100-item

After you take the Big 5 test, reflect on your experience.  On the discussion board, you will write two paragraph (5-8 sentences each).  In the first paragraph, you should reflect on your experience with the test.  State the areas of the Big Five you were higher and lower in, you can share percentages or not, but you should definitely talk about the specific big five traits. In your second paragraph, you should demonstrate knowledge of what the 5 areas mean (hint, connect to your textbook with in-text citations). Textbook = https://openstax.org/details/books/psychology-2e