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For this discussion you are to talk about the hypotheses you would like to test in the Self-Report Data Survey. These hypotheses are what you might want to use for Paper 1. Please read the entire Paper 1 Description before submitting this assignment, if you have not already.

After last week, you now know about a number of the scales present in the survey. Think about how these things could relate to each other and post 1-3 hypotheses of interest. Your discussion group will give you feedback on these hypotheses.

Then, you will narrow down to 1 hypothesis for your Paper 1 plan (choose the one you are most interested in and feel most confident in based on your peers’ feedback!).

You can review the list of possible variables here Download here. You will also need to describe how you are operationalizing your variables in the Paper 1 plan, you can review the measurement using the full survey Download full survey.

  • Maybe there is a better scale you didn’t notice.
  • Maybe your understanding of what a scale measures is off.
  • Is there another interesting hypothesis suggested from one you already listed?
  • Is there a possible confound that you could rule out in the survey (e.g. maybe conscientiousness is related to GPA, but older students are more conscientious and you want to make sure age doesn’t correlate with GPA).