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Biological and Physical Development Scenarios

Biological and Physical Development Scenarios


It is important for educators to understand the importance of brain development and growth. Understanding the effects of genetic disorders or atypical development on learning is crucial for supporting the development of all students.

The “Biological and Physical Development Scenarios” address common exceptionalities that influence the development of children. Choose two (2 different) scenarios from those provided. In 250-500 words for each scenario, respond to the following:

  • Describe the parts or structures of the brain that cause or are affected by the exceptionality described in the scenario.
  • Explain the genetic disorder or atypical development described in the scenario.
  • Outline the environmental factors surrounding the biological and physical development of the child. Explain how they support or impede development.
  • Discuss the effect the exceptionality described is likely to have on classroom learning.
  • Identify specific strategies that could be utilized in the classroom to support this specific child.
  • Describe strategies or techniques that could be shared with the family to support the child at home.

Support your findings with 2-3 scholarly resources.