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Artist Interview

Artist Interview

 Choose anyone of these Canadian painter artists: Emily Carr OR Henry Morre and conduct an interview for one regarding their artwork. Research the artist, his life and his work.

Interview includes: 

1. Introduction- introduce your subject (the artist) to the audience, maybe short paragraph of background.

2. 10 Questions and answers- Questions that ask for opinion or belief or elaboration.  You might know a fact about his work but try asking the artist what he thinks about an issue. People, particularly artists, often like to talk about themselves and their work. Let the interviewee talk. Ask questions and paraphrase answers in a manner the artist would respond. Questions should be on the work and philosophy as an artist (The design and media) and the function or purpose of the art. 

3. Summary- final summation of your thoughts on every bit of the interview 

N/B : Document your research at the end of the interview. Cite URL, or published work title, author, copyright date, page(s). A minimum of three resources must be listed, must include at least one resources that is not from a website, it can be an electronic academic journal or a print article. Resources can come from (The New York Times) or Ebscohost.com

Length: 3-3.5 pages