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art 6

art 6

discussion post 1

Below are two examples of a self-portrait (a representation of one’s self): one is by the modern Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, and the other is by Wo-Haw, a 19th-century Native American artist. Please respond to the following prompts (at least 200 words):



  • How do the self-portraits by these two different artists convey that sense of being “caught between two worlds?”  Use specific details in both artworks to illustrate your points.
  • Do you ever feel like you’re “caught between two worlds,” in some ways? Explain.


discussion post 2

This week we saw some examples of geoglyphs in South America, such as the Nazca lines in modern-day Peru. For this week’s discussion board, please find and post an image of a geoglyph that you think is especially interesting.

  • Post an image of a geoglyph (either from the readings, powerpoint, etc.)
  • Where is the geoglyph you chose located, and what type of image is represented? 
  • If you were to create a geoglyph here in Illinois, what kind of shape or form would you create to represent your society and culture today (and why)?

Your post should be roughly 200 words in length. I attached the powerpoint.


vid responce

Watch this video on contemporary art in Mexico City (55 min), then answer the following prompts (at least 200 words):


  • How were these artists inspired or influenced by the streets, people, and/or culture of Mexico City?
  • Which artist’s work did you like the most or find most intriguing, and why?


short responce

We have been discussing the issue of cultural patrimony (https://www.khanacademy.org/humanities/special-topics-art-history/arches-at-risk-cultural-heritage-education-series/trafficking-protection/a/elgin-marbles-debate) as it relates to the African artworks that were stolen/looted during European colonialist expeditions. But how has this played out in regards to Mesoamerican art? In 2020, for example, the Mexican government requested that the Vatican Library temporarily return several Pre-Columbian illuminated manuscripts to mark the painful 500th anniversary of Spain’s conquest of the Aztec Empire — what’s more, they asked for an apology from the Catholic Church “that never again will disrespectful acts be committed against their beliefs and cultures.” read https://hyperallergic.com/598115/mexico-asks-vatican-for-temporary-return-of-ancient-indigenous-manuscripts/, then answer the questions below:

  • Do you think this could “set a precedent” for other artifacts to be returned to their country of origin, or for similar kinds of attempts for reconciliation? Should it set a precedent, in your opinion?
  • What kinds of considerations do you think should be taken into consideration when it comes to deciding whether to return artifacts to their country of origin? You may bring up relevant examples from the discussion of African art last week.

Your response should be 300-400 words in length.

Do NOT conduct outside research, do not copy/paste text from an online source, do not use A.I. to generate a response…your answer should come from your own observations and/or the assigned readings/videos, the powerpoint, etc. Cases of suspected plagiarism will be addressed by the instructor.