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6233-ENGL-1302-Composition II-S1-14822

6233-ENGL-1302-Composition II-S1-14822


First, view the spoken-word poem titled “I am NOT black; you are NOT white” by Prince Ea. Second, view the following two videos: “Kmele Foster; Race Abolitionist” and “The Art of Defying Stereotypes” (Karith Foster). All three videos are located in the Media Gallery (just type the titles into the search bar).

Then, discuss your thoughts on all three of these videos that collectively offer a rather different perspective on the subject of race than we see in most media or politics today. What is your response to each, and what might be your contribution to this broader discussion they all three address if you were seated at a round table with them?

Remember: these informal assignments are about making connections between all items in a set; in this case, there are three items (videos) in this set to address. Also remember that with these informal assignments, there are no correct or incorrect answers; there is no “correct” or “incorrect” content. These assignments are places to explore topics through others’ perspectives and offering your own to the discussion.    

MINIMUM of 900 words

NOTE: If you ever encounter a difficulty accessing videos in the Canvas Media Gallery, simply search the titles of videos in YouTube where you will also find them (I get all of the videos I upload in Canvas from YouTube).