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1 Plan

1 Plan


For this assignment you are going to propose to us what your plan is for Paper 1. 

You should state your correlational hypothesis regarding 2 variables. Remember hypotheses are in the form of a testable statement, not a question. Describe a little about why you find this hypothesis interesting. 

You can find a copy of the survey questions

Actions and variable listActions here, if you want to look at it again to brainstorm some ideas. Also, your discussion group for last week (M3 Discussion) lists out a number of papers about the various measures and your peers would have discussed on some of them. Looking at these might also give some inspiration. 

Remember: you need a hypothesis about how 2 different variables in the survey correlate together. It is up to you to decide which 2 variables you would like to look at. 

Annotated Bibliography: You are also expected to find 3 peer-reviewed primary research articles related to your hypotheses. For each article please give a short (4-5 sentence) of the article. This summary should include:

  • A sentence on their hypothesis or research question
  • A sentence or two on their methods (What did they actually do?)
  • A sentence or two on their findings (What were their results?)
  • A sentence on what their findings mean (What are the implications? Why is this study interesting?)

Please upload the following:

  • One word document that outlines your variables of interest and hypothesis. This should also include your annotated bibliography (the APA style references for your 3 articles and the article summaries). 
  • Three PDFs of the full articles that you are referencing and summarizing in your annotated bibliography. Do NOT upload a screenshot of the abstract or the first page. We want to see that you were able to retrieve the article using either Google scholar or the Library database.