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Wk 1 – Apply: Process Improvement Flowchart

Wk 1 – Apply: Process Improvement Flowchart

  1. The purpose of this assignment is to learn how to create a flowchart and improve a process and summarize the results. You will create flowcharts of a process.

    NOTE: The process you use for this week 1 assignment will be used again in the week 2 assignment.

    Complete the Week 1 Process Improvement Flowchart Worksheet. Respond to all prompts found on the worksheet.

    Create two (2) flowcharts, 1. Current Process (as is) and 2. Improved Process (to be). To learn to use MS Excel to create a flow chart go to https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/create-a-flow-chart-with-smartart-30f87402-ba3d-48c8-8e9f-a66bcee7e5aa

    Measure your current process using metrics. Yhe most common metric is time.

     identify and Analyze steps using process improvement techniques needing improvement (barriers, bottlenecks, etc.)

    After responding to all of the prompts on the worksheet, Write your executive summary and submit the completed flowchart worksheet.

    Submit Week 1 Process Improvement Flowchart Worksheet. (Show your work)
    A current flowchart (As-Is) – should reflect a minimum of 8 or more steps in the process.
    The process must be measured and shown on the As-Is flowchart. A Metric may be time, cost, or another metric that allows you to analyze the data and identify a bottleneck in the process.
    After your analysis of the As-Is flowchart, recommend a solution to eliminate the bottleneck and create a second (2nd) flowchart (To-Be)

    You may include the flowcharts on the Worksheet, or you can attach the flowcharts separately to the assignment.

    Use subject line of:
    Student Name, Assignment week, date due
    Michael Lindquist, Week 1, 4.24.2023