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Supply Chain Management AliExpress

Supply Chain Management AliExpress

Submission Date: 10/5/2023

Prepare a report on the Supply Chain Management (SCM) practices followed by a

Company that is practicing SCM. (AliExpress )

Your report should include the following:

• An introduction to SCM. (1 Mark)

• Objectives of the study. (1 Mark)

• Company Profile and type of products the company deals in. ( (2 Marks) (AliExpress)

• Forecasting methods for demand and supply of goods and services. (2 Marks) AliExpress 

• Company Practices/services offered. (Role of Company in SCM). (2 Marks) AliExpress 

• SCM diagram of the Company/ process of SCM of the company. (1 Mark)AliExpress 

• SWOT Analysis of the company chosen. (2 Marks)AliExpress 

• Data Collection and Transfer methods (E-SCM, different applications used by the company). (2 Marks)

• Summary /conclusions.(1 Mark)

• References/ Bibliography. (Use proper reference format) (1 Mark)