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1.   Briefly summarize the hydrologic cycle.  List and define the three basic types of aquifers.  Do a bit of research and name and tell the type of aquifer under where you live. 

2.  Write an article review on the  “Focus On:  The Bottled Water Boom” on page 273.  Be sure to state your personal reaction to this article.  

3.  List and write one or two well-constructed sentences summarizing each of the seven categories of air pollution identified in chapter 16.  

4.  Discuss the causes and detrimental effects of ground-level ozone.  Discuss the causes and detrimental effects of the depletion of the ozone found in the upper stratosphere.  

5.  Describe 6 technologies for the treatment and/or disposal of hazardous wastes.   

6.  List and briefly explain the 8 consequences of climate change.  


In southern India people once made traps for monkeys by drilling holes in coconuts, foiling the shells with rice, and chaining them to trees.  The success of this trap was based on a simple principle.  The hole was large enough for a monkey to insert its empty hand, but too small for it to pull out a handful of rice.  As the monkeys clung tenaciously to their rice, villagers threw nets over them.  In essence, the monkeys were trapped by their own refusal to let go.
     Consider this Monkey Trap Story.   Explain your understanding of the story and your application of this story to present=day man and his environment.