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 Health advocacy is of utmost importance in influencing the provision of quality and safe care to patients. The process influences the development of favorable policies that promote meeting patients’ expectations. Nurses must know the expected outcome to advocate for patients. Since I became a nurse, I have been involved in promoting healthcare for the community; for example, I actively use social media platforms to educate the public regarding various health conditions and their prevention methods. Besides, I have been taking initiatives within the agency I work for by voting for leaders who are interested in the improvement of healthcare services. Motivating other nurses to vote for the right leaders has influenced the development of appropriate policies. I believe that good health starts with the election of the right leaders who are concerned with well-being and population health.

     COVID-19 came at a time when no one was expecting it and caused a devastating impact on public health. There were lacked policies to guide the decision-making process or support the management of patients. At this time, collaborating with other professionals was an immediate intervention required to reduce negative implications. Advocating for the development of vaccines to reduce the spread and lower the harm caused by the virus was crucial during that time. Advocacy enabled timely vaccine provision and public education to encourage many people to accept and receive it. The pandemic made me realize that nursing is not limited to the hospital setting. The advocacy influenced the government to support the transportation of the vaccine to every corner of the country (Iriarte‐Roteta et al., 2020). Public education in social places helped eliminate fear and misconceptions regarding the vaccine and supported making informed decisions. Although many hesitated to receive the injection, effective advocacy enabled them to develop a positive attitude and eventually receive it.

     Nurses must show determination in advocating for the right of patients and providing beneficial information. Interacting with political leaders can enable them to understand the importance of improving healthcare policies and supporting measures to prevent diseases. Nurses have a role to play in the development of policies (Turale & Kunaviktikul, 2019). Since nurses interact with patients more than other practitioners, they are better placed to correct more information regarding patient issues. In my opinion, nurses should use their knowledge to guide political decisions.

     Communicating with political leaders can help create awareness and enable leaders to understand the situation. The affordable care act is one of the policies developed following effective advocacy (Turale & Kunaviktikul, 2019). Nurses influenced the government to reduce the cost of treatment and make healthcare services more accessible and affordable. 

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