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Reading and Applying Philosophical Texts

Reading and Applying Philosophical Texts

Prior to beginning work on this discussion forum, read Chapter 1 of the How Should One Live? An Introduction to Ethics and Moral Reasoning. Watch the Reading PhilosophyLinks to an external site. video, and view the selections of Philosophical Texts Download Philosophical Texts. You are encouraged to read the recommended webpage resource this week 7 Ways of Reading Philosophy: #4 Reading Out LoudLinks to an external site..

This discussion has two parts. The first part introduces you to strategies and methods you will use to read original philosophical texts that are part of the required resources for this course. This part involves reading the text out loud to yourself, answering a series of questions, and eventually recording a video of yourself reading the text. The second part asks you to articulate a strong ethical belief you have and to defend that belief using one of the ideas from the philosophical text you have selected and recorded.

Part 1: Choose one of the selections from Philosophical Texts. It is best to read through many of the passages first to determine which one might intrigue you the most or which might best pertain to your strong ethical belief.

  • Read the text silently to yourself one time, then complete the following steps:
    • Copy and paste the text at the top of a document.
    • Describe your initial understanding of the text or what you find confusing about it.
    • Provide a percentage of how much of the text you comprehend (It is fine if the percentage is low!)
    • Are there any words or phrases you do not understand?
    • Look up those words and provide their definitions.