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Presentation Script 2

Presentation Script 2

Here is the link to the presentation. Please make sure to type up the script, but please do look through the instructions.

 Length: 6-7 minutes: The presentation may be no longer than 7 or 6 minutes.   

The introduction

  • Does the presentation include a clear introduction to the project? (0-3%)
    • e. g., what are you going to do in the presentation?
  • Are the reasons why the given topic is selected presented in the introduction part? (0-3%)

The main body

  • Does the presentation compel the audience to want to learn more? (0-6%)
  • Does the presentation have a detailed account with cited works related to the subject? (0-6%)
  • Does the presentation cover the topic with details and examples? (0-3%)
  • Does the presentation include a reflection on their arguments and takeaways? (0-6%)
    • Make sure that you discuss the cited works during your presentation.

The conclusion

  • Is a comprehensive summary included in the conclusion? (0-6%)
  • Does the presentation have reasonable take-home messages (0-6%)?

The presenter

  • Is the presenter enthusiastic about the subject matter? (0-3%)
  • Is the presenter familiar with the subject matter? (0-3%)
  • Is the presentation conducted in a clear manner? (0-6%)


  • Is the presentation conducted in a creative way? (0-3%)
  • Is the presentation posted with a text title in the discussion post? (0-2%)
  • Does the PPT slides have any grammatical or spelling errors? (0-3%)