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.NET Questions

.NET Questions

Consider a project that you have recently completed. What were some of the challenges that you personally faced

while developing UI/API/DB/any others?

Were you able to overcome those challenges and if so, how were you able to overcome them?

At the same time, did you have to compromise or sacrifice anything in order to overcome the challenge? If so, how

did you justify the compromises/sacrifices?

If there were other possible solutions to address the challenge, why did you pick one over the other?

2. Describe a scenario from one of your recent projects where you used caching (Should be a project where you used

Angular/AngularJS for UI, .NET RESTful Web API and SQL Server for the backend).

What was the reason you chose caching as the solution and how did you implement it?

Please also state the version used in the project for Angular, C# and SQL Server.

3. You have been provided a technical design to implement. Based on your personal contributions on past

assignments, explain your considerations and the analysis you would perform to make contributions or

recommendations to improve the design provided using an example to achieve these

contributions/recommendations and justify how your input added value to the overall result.

4. You have been assigned to a project to modernize a client’s application portfolio. What would you consider

modernization of an application?

What would you consider an appropriate application to modernize and why?

Provide an example of a most recent project that met the scenario mentioned and describe how the modernization

added value.

5. Using an example of a recent project where you personally have developed an entire module on your own. In that

example what are the design considerations that you had to make and what are the advantages and disadvantages

of the design?

Why did you decide to go with the design that you have at this point?


6. Describe a scenario when there was a performance problem in an application deployed to production (Should be an

application where you used Angular/AngularJS for UI, .NET RESTful Web APIs and SQL Server for the backend).

Please describe the tools that you used to troubleshoot the problem and how you found the root cause of the

problem and what was the corresponding resolution. Please also state the version used in the project for Angular,

C# and SQL Server.

7. Users who are using an AngularJS application with REST API backend and SQL server 2016 are reporting that they are

having an issue with the UI taking a very long time to load. How do you go about troubleshooting what the problem