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Maternal and new born nursing

Maternal and new born nursing


1. A mother brings her 14-year-old    daughter, Gloria, to the clinic for a checkup. The mother voices concern    that her daughter hasn’t begun menstruating yet: “I was 13 years old when I    got my first period.” The nurse assesses Gloria and finds breast buds and    sparse pubic hair. There is no evidence of axillary hair. Gloria’s height is    4ft11 in, an increase of approximately a halfinch since last year. 

a. How should    the nurse respond to this mother?

b. What    information could the nurse give the mother about the onset of menstruation    for her daughter?

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2. A 41-year-old woman comes to the    health care facility for a routine physical examination. “I guess I’ll be    going through ‘the change’ soon,” she says. “I really dread this time. I’ve    heard so many horror stories about how awful you feel. Maybe I should just    plan to hide in a room by myself somewhere.”

a. What areas    would the nurse need to address with this client?

b. How should    the nurse respond to her?