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INSURANCE THEORY AND PRACTICE (No claim bonus or discount)

INSURANCE THEORY AND PRACTICE (No claim bonus or discount)

  write about No claim bonus or discount


– In making the project, students must use word file for written report and must be submitted via the Turnitin using the e-learning while presentation will be presented in class. 

– The Late Submission is not allowed. In case of late submission, there will be penalty of 3 marks deduction for each day the assignment is submitted late. 

–  Plagiarism or copying is not accepted. In case of plagiarism students will receive grade F. 

– Use APA / Harvard style for citation and references.

– The report should have approximately 2000-2500 words and should be not exceeding 2500 words. 

– The written report should consist of the following: 

A. Title Page – The title page of the project proposal shall give the following information: 

 • The name of the University 

• Full title of the project 

• Submitted to (Name of Lecturer) 

• Submitted by (Names of Team Members) 

• Date Submitted 

B. Table of Contents – Shall list in sequence with page numbers all sections 

C. Introduction – Serves to introduce the Insurance topic and the purpose of the study (Estimated 1-2 pages) 

D. Discussions/ body – This is generally the longest section of the project. The objective is to present and explain the major topics of the study covering all the elements requested in the assignment, you can support your discussion with examples and graphical presentation. (Estimated 3-5 pages)

E. Case Study – at least one case study based on Oman insurance companies should be discussed after the body of the assignment and it should reflect the main topic of your report. (Estimated 1 page)

F. Conclusions – The project should provide conclusion and/or recommendations for practice or improvement and for further studies (Estimated 1-2 pages) 

G. References – A separate Page of all references used to generate the report