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1. With Customer Service, listening is imperative. When a Customer Service Provider takes the time to listen to the customer, it indicates their concern. Identify the characteristics of a good listener and provide a brief explanation.

2. The acronym RIDE is often used in customer service. Identify each letter in this acronym and provide a brief explanation of each as they apply to customer service. 

3. One of the things that customer service representatives and providers will deal with from time to time is unhappy customers. (a) According to research, when a customer is unhappy or unsatisfied, what is the premise of the issue? (b) What kind of strategies can a customer service provider use to deal with those customers that are unhappy?

4. Customer Service Representatives face various challenges. Consider this scenario. There are two customers/clients waiting to see you. (a) The first one has challenges speaking English and (b) the second one is an elderly male. In these situations, how would you effectvely provide a good customer experience to both?