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ABA Screening and Assesments

ABA Screening and Assesments

Describe each of the following early methods of interventions and provide one example of each: Topography-based interventions, Case-based interventions, Individual/team preference-based interventions

 Discuss the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act as it pertains to functional behavior assessment.

 Describe indirect assessment and direct descriptive assessment as components in the functional behavior assessment Provide at least 1 specific example of each.

Explain the “efficacy of function-based interventions” in applied behavior analysis. Provide supporting evidence.

Describe what operant conditioning is and how it pertains to the FBA process.

Describe what a three-term contingency is and how it is used in the FBA process. Consider direct assessments and the hypothesizing function.

in own words to describe each of the following Ethics Codes:

2.08 Communicating About Services 2.11 Obtaining Informed Consent 2.12 Considering Medical Needs 2.13 Selecting, Designing, and Implementing Assessments 2.14 Selecting, Designing, and Implementing Behavior-Change Interventions 2.17 Collecting and Using Data …. include a real-world example (1-2 sentences) of the code and analyze the importance of each code.