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Plan Comparison Worksheet

SNHP 220

Spring 2023

Please use the following three plans and answer the questions below. If you can’t find the answer, explain how you looked and why you can’t find it. 

Plan 1

Cigna Connect

Plan 2

KP Platinum

Plan 3

Blue Choice HMO Young Adult





Summary of Benefits and Coverage

Cigna Connect SBC


Blue Choice SBC

Prescription Drug List

Cigna Connect Prescription Drug List

KP prescription Drug List

Blue Choice Prescription Drug List

• Go to “Those who buy directly from Carefirst” and click on “Exchange formulary”

Provider Network

Cigna Connect Provider Network

• Pick Arlington County, VA (zip 22204)• Choose “enter as guest”

KP Provider Network

• Pick “Kaiser Permanente Added Choice POS”

Blue Choice Provider Network

• Choose “continue as a guest”• Choose BlueChoiceAdvantage network

Question 1:

Which plan covers Rubina Dolvane (located in Arlington, VA)? And how much will it cost to see her? How much do you have to pay before your plan starts paying (e.g., what is deductible for an individual)?

Question 2:

Which plans cover Eliquis (any strength), a brand-name drug, used to treat and prevent blood clots and how much does it cost for each plan? How much do you have to pay before your plan starts paying (e.g., what is deductible)?

Question 3:

For each plan, how much will you pay for an HIV test?

Question 4:

Assume you are a young, relatively healthy single adult without children (so your health care utilization will consist of mostly primary care and preventive care) which plan would you choose and why?