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When should change be stable?

To this day, I really don’t know how to answer that question. Maybe it’s because I… don’t like stability? But who doesn’t want to be stable, less turbulent, and enjoy a comfortable life to old age. I still hope to have a very stable life. But that shouldn’t happen now, because I’m still very happy with the changes I chose. Now to me, each day is like a page of a book, and we are the ones who write the words in that page. Just like that, little by little, the pages of the book thicken with trips around the world, predestinations for strange encounters, wonderful moments when reaching unexpected success, vibrations. about young love. I’m not sure what the next chapters of my life will be (or stop writing) but so far, I’m really happy and proud of what I’ve accomplished.

Answer to the question above that when it is stable, perhaps that is when we are no longer happy with the change.

And you, are you happy with your change?