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United States Constitution

United States Constitution

 Imagine it is 1787. Like many people living in the United States, you hold strong beliefs about the ratification of the proposed U.S. Constitution and have concerns about how this proposed government will affect your community. Being a civic-minded citizen, you have decided to compile and distribute information about the proposed U.S. Constitution.

Apply your skills of influence and persuasion to create an informational pamphlet or brochure to help the people in your community decide whether or not to oppose or support ratification.

Your pamphlet or brochure should:

  • Differentiate between the Federalist/Anti-Federalist positions.
  • Identify 2 concerns each side deemed important.
  • Explain why the Federalists did not want a Bill of Rights, but the anti-Federalists did.
  • Defend your viewpoints on the issues.

Use one of the following template options or a program of your choice: