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Rationale Memo assignment

Rationale Memo assignment

1. Describe and Explain the Issue. 

Issue: Drug addcition and Harm Reuction.

2. Explain why the issue is important.

Provide a convincing argument as to why this is an issue that is well-suited for your consultancy skills. 

a) Utilize the Means of Persuasion (e.g.https://bit.ly/Means_of_Persuasion):

Ethos: Credibility. Provide an argument that is well-constructed, supported by facts and professionally written.

Pathos: Emotion, appealing to values. Explain why 

Logos: Logical reasoning. Carefully explain why change is needed to address this issue.

Kairos: Urgency. Why is this issue important now?

b) Stakeholder Analysis: detailed questions are available in the slides on Stakeholder analysis. 

c) Ethical Theory:  Explain three ethical theories that will be used to analyze the issue at hand. Explain each theory used in illustrative detail.