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Please help

Please help

Hello everyone,

We begin with a Case Study:

Names are fictional:  *no direct quotes analyze the information and support your position with cited work*

James Learner is writing a research proposal for MSL 683-Research for Leaders in Education and Human Resources. Within the text, he copies entire sentences and paragraphs from books, journals, and  web pages.

The sections he has copied are not put in quotations within his proposal. James does, however, list each of the books, journals, and sites on the references page of his research proposal.  You know he is taking a short cut or engaged in sloppy work.

Dr. Elert notices that many passages in the proposal are copied from other sources and reports the fact-issue to the Dean of Academic Affairs.  As a result of an investigation, the Dean expels James for plagiarism but says he may reapply the following year.

Give your opinions, with reasons-justification for your answers, on the following questions:

1. Was the way in which the student used the information from the other publications normal and acceptable?  did the student acknowledge and take responsibility for their actions?

2. Could there be any circumstance(s) in which the student might be forgiven?

3. Either state why the action of the Dean of Academic Affairs was right, or state what other action the head of the school should take.  How does your decision impact the current and future expectations of the university? 

Aside from our modules, your textbook is a great source and provides you with many different examples Research and it is a good idea to take the time to read, digest and apply the information.

For this assignment please post your assignment here.  It should be academic and scholarly (APA format-style) at least 3-5 full pages excluding title and reference pages.

If you need any assistance, please contact me.


Rande Matteson

*VERY IMPORTANT-Any plagiarized (including copying and pasting others work) will result in a failing grade for this assignment and any other work in our class*