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Network Monitoring and Security Control

Network Monitoring and Security Control


There are several lines of defense available to network and security administrators, including intrusion prevention and detection technologies. The activities and tools that are available to monitor and test the security levels on a modern network are varied. They range from free open source to very expensive and sophisticated technologies. They come in single-use solutions and best-of-breed solutions, which are typically suites of network management applications that perform a variety of activities.

In this assignment you explain various monitoring tools and methods available to network administrators.

Write 3–4 pages in which you consider the following aspects of network monitoring.

  • Choose a common packet inspection tool and explain how it works to mitigate threats.
  • Describe three criteria that a network or security administrator might use when selecting a network monitoring tool.
  • Describe a security policy that is designed to ensure that an organization’s information is not compromised by internal IT staff.