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Part of becoming a multiculturally competent counselor requires you to explore your own culture and how it was derived. This assignment will help you examine different aspects of your personal cultural background to help bring awareness of how you developed your current cultural viewpoints.

Create a genogram that identifies the racial or ethnic characteristics and changing worldviews of your family over three to four generations to be used in future assignments in this course. This tool differs from a standard genogram because the focus is on how and when prejudice or bias may be learned.

Download the PowerPoint template at the end of the tutorial to use to build your genogram.

Write a 700- to 1,050-word analysis of your genogram in which you:

  • Analyze your family history to determine how you developed your own racial and cultural identity. Describe how you identify yourself when reflecting on your cultural heritage, age, religious affiliation, socioeconomic status, etc.
  • Describe the values, beliefs, philosophies, attitudes, or opinions you hold that are similar to your family. Describe how you came to know these values, beliefs, philosophies, attitudes, or opinions. Determine how they compare to those of the dominant culture.
  • Describe the effects of your cultural upbringing on your worldview. Include commentary on your views of help-seeking behaviors in yourself and others.
  • Explain how learning about your cultural upbringing can affect your effectiveness as a multicultural counselor.
  • Describe how you will consider cultural and contextual differences between you and your clients to be an effective multicultural counselor.
  • Identify personal biases, limitations, or prejudices held that may hinder your effectiveness as a counselor.
  • Summarize your personal strengths or abilities that may positively influence your effectiveness with diverse clients.
  • Describe methods for enhancing multicultural competence in counseling.

Support your analysis with research from a minimum of two peer-reviewed sources.

Submit 1 PowerPoint genogram and 1 Word document of your analysis for your assignment.