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Ethics discussion

Ethics discussion



Ethical Standards and Guidelines

Consider the information presented in the readings this week as it can be related to your current or future employment as a practicing psychologist working with a given population. Select two or three ethical standards presented in those articles that will be relevant to you and that population. Specifically, discuss how those standards will be relevant to your work. Discuss the precautions that can be taken to ensure that the standards are not violated when conducting survey research with the identified population.

In your response, incorporate how the concepts of ethical astuteness, demonstration of ethical character, and practicing ethical acuity pertain to the ethical standards you identified in this post.

Read the American Psychological Association’s 2002 paper, “Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct.” Link to article ethical.pdf


Read Tourangeau’s 2004 article, “Survey Research and Societal Change,” from the Annual Review of Psychology, volume 55, issue 1, pages 775–801. Link to article Tourangeau’s.pdf

Optional Readings

You may find the following readings helpful in understanding this unit’s topics:

Haverkamp, B. E. (2005). Ethical perspectives on qualitative research in applied psychology. Journal of Counseling Psychology, 52(2), 146–155. 

Kralik, D., Warren, J., Price, K., Koch, T., & Pignone, G. (2005). The ethics of research using electronic mail discussion groups. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 52(5), 537–545.