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Dissertation chapter 1

Dissertation chapter 1

My research topic is   

An Examination of Police Brutality and Its Impact on Victims’ Families

my Research Questions are as followed: 

i) What drives police to use excessive force?

ii) How has the family experience impacted their perception of the police? 

iii) How does race play a critical role in police brutality?

This is a professional document and has to have little to no errors. 

Anything with many errors will be submitted for a refund

Must be triple checked for errors

All articles used must be SCHOLARLY ARTICLES (minimum of 7 articles but use however many it takes)

Must have completed by Friday 

must be available for all edits from the professor 

Attached is an example Final Dissertation mia (follow the highlighted yellow for reference of chapter 1 ONLY for example )

Must have all the sub titles of chapter one from the attached file