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Concise paper – Data Analytics Practice in Cost Accounting

Concise paper – Data Analytics Practice in Cost Accounting

1. Use Active Voice. Use !I” often. Cite sources, letting them speak.

2. Cite sources fully, integrating them in your writing. Avoid: It is said . . . . Instead let the speaker come alive: Braun (p.16) says, “ . . . . ” I am interested in what she says.

3. The cited sources are listed in References. Don”t use footnotes to cite.

4. Include: The paper”s TITLE that tells the specific, concrete focus of your interest. Avoid a general, broad topic.

1st paragraph. State, first, your research Question(s): !I question: . . . ?” to introduce the paper.

2nd paragraph. The Data gathered, citing the sources. Analysis, discussion, and findings in your own words. 3rd paragraph. A concise, yet concrete summary of your paper and conclusions.

4th paragraph. Under the last sub-heading, !References”, list the cited sources.

Your paper must be single spaced, 1 page long [not exceeding 2 pages] including your Full Name and References.