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Community Reflection Assignment

Community Reflection Assignment

Please research and reflect on a social mission-driven organization in your community. 


Pathos: Tell us about your community. What do you love about it? what do you miss about it during the pandemic? What’s particular hard about living where you do?(200words)

2. name of the organization making an impact in your community:

3.Organization website:

4.Logos: In your owe analysis, how does organization help improve life in your community? (250 words)

5.Ethos: which group of people does this organization serve? why are these services needed? (100 words)

6:Kairos: which of the current social movement (e.g. #BLM, #MeToo, #Friday for Futhure) is most helpful to this organization as it goes its work? why? (150 words)

7. select the screenshot that apply

8. Do you have recommendations for business partnerships that can further enable this organizations’s work in the community? Explain your reasoning. (300 words)