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Case Analysis #1 (BUS6750 International Business Management)

Case Analysis #1 (BUS6750 International Business Management)


  1. Reread the      Management Focus “Boeing’s Global Production System” in Chapter 1 and      address these two questions: 
  • What are the      benefits to Boeing of outsourcing manufacturing of components of the      Boeing 787 to firms based in other countries?
  • On balance, do      you think that the kind of outsourcing undertaken by Boeing is a good      thing or a bad thing for the American economy? Explain your reasoning.
  1. Reread the      Management FOCUS: “Starbucks Wins Key Trademark Case in China” in Chapter      2 and address these two questions:
  • Discuss the      concept of property rights protection and why it is so important to      companies. What does the court ruling against Xing Ba Ke mean for other      companies that are already doing business in China, or are considering      entering the market?
  • How important      is the Chinese market to Starbucks? Does the presence of look-alike      companies like Xing Ba Ke deter firms from entering the market? 
  1. Reread the      Closing Case “Economic Development in Bangladesh” in Chapter 3 and address      this question:
  • Explain how the      liberalization program in the 1990s enabled Bangladesh to start climbing      the ladder of economic progress.

Cases Analyses must follow the following guidelines:

  1. You must give a      quality analysis of the cases based on the key terms showing mastery,      using clear logic, and supporting facts. Also, the analysis must directly      address the case using chapter readings and research.
  2. Case Analyses      test the understanding of key elements of International Business,      therefore, they must be thoroughly addressed.
  3. You must use      citations with references to document information obtained from sources.      The key elements and concepts of International Business are found in the      sources listed in the syllabus (it is your duty to search for them, read,      analyze, evaluate, summarize, paraphrase in your answers, and cite the      authors who wrote the articles, books, term papers, memoirs, studies, etc.      What it means is that you will have not less than 5 references      from the listed sources.
  4. Grammatically      correct paper, no typos, and must have obviously been proofread for logic.
  5. Avoid direct      quotes, you must paraphrase and cite. If you direct quote (two words or      three words, mission statements, phrases, etc.) you must include in your      citation parenthesis page number or paragraph number. When you direct      quote Brand taglines or Mission Statements, you must include the Brand      name or Company name in the citation parenthesis.
  6. Key terms or      Questions must be typed out as headings, with follow up analysis or      answers in paragraph format, and a summary or conclusion to contextualize      your analyses at the end of the paper.

The Cases Analyses must be in APA format and it is due no later than the specified time