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 Please see course project instructions below:
Library Assignment: LIRN Library Assignment/Keystone Assignment (All SLOs, CO1)

1. Click on https://proxy.lirn.net/

2. In the search box, type: Florida National University

3. Enter User ID: 24439

4. Enter Password: onlinelibrary39

5. Log in

6. Scroll down to the business section and click on: Accounting, Tax & Banking Collection

7. In the search box, type in: Business Research. Make sure to click on the Full Text, and Peer reviewed boxes.

8. Pick one of the articles provided where the authors present research regarding either a balance sheet account (i.e., cash, receivables), or an income statement account (i.e., revenue, expenses), or both.

Answer the following questions: -What is the problem addressed in the article? -What are the strategies followed by the researchers to solve this problem? -Explain why you agree or disagree with the strategies followed by the researchers to solve the problem.

Course Project must have at least 500 words and be written in APA style. Assignment must have at least 3 external references with corresponding in-text citations.