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Project 1 ANT

Project 1 ANT


Project 1: Food Film Assignment

Films about food are an excellent way to think critically about the ideas raised so far in this course. Module 1: Edibility and Module 2: Ingredients cover cultural definitions and categorizations of food, food rules, subsistence/food getting strategies, and the commercialization of food at a global level.

I encourage you to select a film that allows you to see these issues from another culture. I will accept films about food in the US, but if you choose the US, I ask that you select a film that recognizes the vast cultural diversity found in the US.

Your film should be a minimum of 60 minutes. It should be contemporary (within the past 20 years).

Your assignment should be 3 pages (minimum) double spaced. A minimum of 750 words (~3 pages double spaced).

Part 1: Assignment

For your Assignment, I ask that you select a total of 3-4 learning objectives from chapter 1-3.  Pick learning objectives that can be addressed using the film. Thus, its best to watch the film first and then pick your objectives.

Your assignment should include:

1.  Introduction: This is a very brief (~4 sentences) summary of the film including its production details such as its release date, where it was made, and the main plot.

2. Objectives: State your objective as a header in your assignment. Then use ~1 page to explore how concepts/ideas/theories from your text can be observed in the film. Please rely on your text and my lectures! I expect you to develop well articulated arguments/statements that demonstrate anthropological ideas using the content in the film.

Grading Rubric:

The assignment is formatting according the instructions and includes all of the necessary sections [3 points]

The assignment is well written, proofread, and contains no grammatical errors [4 points]

The assignment draws on the text to explore topics relevant to the film. The analysis reflects comprehension of the concepts in the text and their appropriate application to the film’s content. This is for each of your objectives. [16 points]


Your assignment should look just like this:

Your Name

Food Film Assignment


    This is the introduction to my assignment……

Objective 1: Identify the cultural construction of edibility and how food conveys meaning and value.

    The concept of culture, defined as……In this film, culture means…..

Objective 2: Locate the Shaping of individual responsibility in dietary practice

[Repeat for other objectives]

Refer to book: “eating culture- an anthropological guide to good” By Gillian Crowther