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Power point presentation adv

Power point presentation adv

5. Student-Led Seminar Presentation of the assigned article from Course Point and should be utilizing all teaching-learning processes identified. Please record your presentation and place it on the discussion board for student review.  Each student will generate a reaction to the assigned journal  presentations for course credit.

Please use this rubric for your generated Student-Led Seminar  Presentation:



0 point


1 point


2 points


Missing requirements

Includes some of the requirements.

Includes ALL assignment requirements

Subject Knowledge

Little or no understanding of subject matter displayed. May or may not have read or understood material.

Understands basic concepts of the subject matter, but in-depth analysis may be lacking or not clearly presented.

Mastery of subject matter is clearly presented.


Multimedia element is unclear. If sound is included, it is not easy to understand. 

Multimedia element is clear when sound is included, it is easy understand.

Multimedia elements are essential and clear. If sound is included, it is easy to understand. 

Overall presentation 

The presentation is unclear and difficult to follow.  The logical flow was confusing.  The presentation was overly wordy and robotic.

The presentation is clear and organized.  The visuals are appealing and presented in a thought-provoking manner.

The presentation is clear, engaging and well-organized.  The visuals are appealing.  The logic of the presentation is easy to follow.  All verbal and/or written information is legible, clear and easy to see/hear.

APA 7th Edition


Documents sources with no correct APA formatting.

Documents most sources using APA formatting. 

Documents all sources using APA formatting