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2 Social Controversy

2 Social Controversy


One important theme throughout this class is responding to social controversies and creating social change. This paper is your chance to consider a social problem that matters to you and what should be done about it. What kind of change is necessary to respond to your social dilemma? The purpose of this assignment is for you to synthesize our course materials, your intellectual and emotional reactions to our course materials, and any additional scholarly and/or credible resources you deem necessary into a clear, cogent argument on a cultural event and/or social issue of your choice that you feel passionate about.

Some questions to consider: What is the conflict underlying this controversy? How are the various people involved in the conflict? What kind of change is necessary to resolve the conflict? What kind of tactics could be used to respond to the conflict? Where are the opportunities to navigate differences and create better relationships to negotiate this conflict?

Your paper should:

  • Introduce the controversy and its importance
  • Explain why this controversy is important from a communication standpoint
  • Connect this controversy to the tensions with democracy, civility, community, and social change
  • Describe what you and others can learn from those involved in addressing this controversy and how you and others can enact social responsibility in responding to this controversy

Your initial draft should be at least 3-5 double-spaced pages and should contain a minimum of 4 cited sources in MLA, APA, or Chicago. You will revise these papers over the following two weeks expanding and nuancing the position you take in this paper. NOTE: This is just a draft, meaning view this as an opportunity to get your ideas on the page. THEN, as we read more and you have more discussions and lectures, you will be able to revise and polish your response.

This paper is the second of the three papers you will write and revise throughout the semester. Your first draft will be 3-5 pages, whereas your final draft will be 4-6. Your first draft should a minimum of 4 citations (at least 50-75% of these sources should be from the class). Your final draft should include a minimum of 6 sources (at least 50-75% of these sources should be from the class).